The Venezuelan legal environment is highly challenging and the different taxes contained in its system generate a real impact on the daily life of any type of organization. Currently, in Venezuela, the world of taxes is complex, changing, and dynamic, which is why organizations, companies, and even individuals, decide to turn to specialists who can assist them in this area, in order to reduce and minimize the tax risks that may arise.

In Sol Caballero & Asociados we focus on providing our clients with technical solutions, but at the same time effective, we are committed to ensuring that our services generate real value and for that purpose, we attend to the current needs of the businessman, the entrepreneur and any individual living in Venezuela. Based on this premise, we focus on advising them in the following areas:

  • Advice on national, state, and municipal taxes.
  • Integral advice on administrative verification and auditing procedures.
    Tax litigation.
  • National and international tax structures and planning.
  • Incidence and impact of the application of Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties.
  • Tax implications derived from complex commercial transactions.
  • Advice on Mining and Petroleum Taxes.


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