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Sol Caballero & Asociados is a firm of professionals focused in the areas of Taxes, Finance, and Corporate Law. The specialists that are part of our team come from nationally and internationally recognized organizations and have extensive experience in their respective areas of expertise.

In Sol Caballero & Asociados, we provide our clients and related parties with first-class advice, complying with the highest quality standards and we are highly committed to offering frank and direct attention to those who accompany us, as well as to providing solutions with a highly professional and practical approach, adapted to the needs of our clients.

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The Venezuelan legal environment is highly challenging and the different taxes contained in its system generate a real impact on the daily life of any type of organization. Currently, in Venezuela, the world of taxes is complex, changing, and dynamic, which is why organizations, companies, and even individuals, decide to turn to specialists who can assist them in this area, in order to reduce and minimize the tax risks that may arise.


Customs and International trade

To conduct international business and operations and transform them into global business opportunities requires adequate knowledge of the markets and the regulations applicable to them, including import, export, and transit customs regimes. For this purpose, it is also essential to have an adequate understanding and application of the current agreements on tariff preferences within the framework of the trade agreements signed by Venezuela.



We live in a globalized world, which is becoming more dynamic and changing every day, and this justifies that companies seek to adapt to these new realities in the same accelerated manner, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the purposes for which they were created.


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The Venezuelan legal environment is in constant movement and that is why we want our clients, allies, and related parties to be aware of the current and relevant legal regulations and information. For this reason, we have prepared for you some easy-to-understand editorial products that will allow you to keep up to date with the Venezuelan legal environment.

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Leadership of the firm

Jesús Sol

Jesús Alberto Sol Gil

Jesús Sol Gil is the Managing Partner and one of the Founding Partners of our firm and is in charge of the Tax Law practice area. He has vast professional experience in the areas of tax consulting, tax planning, corporate restructuring, international taxation, and assistance in administrative and jurisdictional proceedings in tax matters.

Rosa Caballero

Rosa Caballero Perdomo

Rosa Caballero is a founding partner of our firm. She is part of the Tax Law practice area. Her professional activity is focused in the area of advisory, tax planning and consulting in this area, tax compliance, and management, among others, as well as in the attention of tax proceedings, both in administrative and jurisdictional venues.

Maria Fernanda Lavie

María Fernanda Lavié Odón

María Fernanda Lavié is a partner of our firm and is part of the Corporate Department. Her professional practice is mainly focused on the areas of Contracts, Project Finance, Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Organizational Restructuring.

Ingrid Duran

Ingrid Durán

Ingrid Durán is a partner of our firm. Her professional practice is focused on tax planning and tax management, international taxation, handling and management of control processes, mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring of organizations.


Dubraska Zapiain

Dubraska has a specialization in International Economic and Integration Law, as well as studies in Tax Law. She has experience in various corporate matters such as M&A, assistance in domestic and cross-border transactions, due diligence, contracts, corporate governance, creation and liquidation of companies and other issues of interest to individuals and corporations.
zulay perez

Zulay Pérez

Zulay Pérez Sánchez is an Independent Consultant of our firm. Her professional career stands out for her extensive experience in the areas of internal and external tax auditing, management and design of control and budget processes, tax compliance planning, consulting in the financial and tax areas, corporate restructuring, and advice to Boards of Directors.

Alberto Cortes

Alberto Cortes

Alberto Cortés is an Independent Consultant of our firm. He specializes in Banking and Finance. His professional career stands out for his extensive experience in establishing management strategies and business transformation, design and implementation of new business models and digitization of processes, development of electronic channels and payment methods, organizational transformation, technology, and operations.

lulu 2

Luiluddy Rivero Abreu

Luiluddy Rivero Abreu is an Independent Consultant of our firm. Her professional practice is focused on the areas of tax consulting, tax planning, and tax management.

sofia blanco 1

Sofia Blanco

Sofia Blanco Noguera is an Independent Consultant of our firm. Her professional career stands out for her extensive experience in transfer pricing, assisting clients in compliance services, consulting services in this area and assistance in auditing processes and repairs made by the Tax Administration.
juan escolar

Juan Manuel Escolar

Juan M Escolar Bachelor in Economics with a Master in Business Auditing, with extensive experience in multinational environments, Start-Up of Branches, Feasibility Studies, Due Diligence, Financial Structuring of projects and companies, Consolidation of parent-subsidiary-linked companies and raising financial resources.

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